ID’s webinar programme kicks off with an insight into YouTube Optimisation

Kira - 20 Nov 2013

It’s an exciting period at Heron Tower as Ingenuity Digital announces the start of a series of webinars sharing unique insights into digital marketing and SEO.

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ID Confirms Content Marketing Seminar

Kira - 25 Jun 2013

Join us on the 16th of July for an insight into advanced content marketing and how it can help your search strategy.

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Ingenuity Digital Breakfast Seminar this May

Kira - 17 Apr 2013

Ingenuity Digital is hosting a free Breakfast Seminar this May to help businesses find out how they can increase their ROI through SEO.

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Google Remove Restrictions on Trademark Keyword Bidding

Kira - 26 Mar 2013

Google appear to have liberalised their policy on bidding for trademarked keywords. Where previously trademark owners could block advertisers from bidding on their trademarks in certain countries, Google has announced that it will “no longer restrict advertisers from bidding against trademark keywords, worldwide.”

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Ingenuity Digital to Host SEO Workshop in London

Kira - 06 Mar 2013

Join ingenuity Digital on the 27th March for a complimentary SEO workshop. Meet on a one-to-one basis with our specialist digital marketing consultants and learn how the right investment in search engine optimisation can radically and rapidly transform your business.

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Google Tests Navigation Element

Kira - 05 Mar 2013

Google’s navigation element- the black bar at the top of the page with white/grey text- is real a crowd divider. Ever since 2011 when it was introduced, some have hated it and others have liked it. Search for it and the first things you’ll see are “How to Get Rid of the Black Bar” features.

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Ingenuity Digital Conduct Successful Penguin Recovery for Client

Kira - 15 Oct 2012

Ingenuity Digital has been successful in recovering lost traffic and rankings for sites affected by Google Penguin and manual penalties.

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ID to Host October London Breakfast Seminars

Kira - 09 Oct 2012

Following the popularity of our free breakfast seminars, we have decided to run the "Generating ROI Through Your SEO Strategy" seminar again this month for anyone who didn’t manage to get their hands on a ticket.

Categories SEO | Ecommerce | Google Algorithm | Penguin Update | Panda Update | Breakfast Seminar

Google EMD Update Downgrades Keyword Domains

Kira - 04 Oct 2012

Friday saw the announcement of the EMD update which was geared towards removing low quality exact match domains in the search results. Despite insisting that only 0.6 of English and U.S. queries would be noticably affected, large numbers of webmasters are adamant they are suffering as a result of both the EMD update and the latest Panda algorithm update.

Categories SEO | Google Algorithm | Penguin Update | EMD | Panda Update

Google No Longer Recommends rel=canonical hreflang Tags

Kira - 23 Aug 2012

Following confusion over the correct use of the rel=canonical, Google is no longer recommending it within the Google Webmaster Tools help centre.

Categories SEO | Search Local | Google | International SEO

Cutts Warns Webmasters of Impending Penguin Update

Kira - 17 Aug 2012

Speaking at the SES San Francisco conference on Wednesday, head of Google’s spam fighting team Matt Cutts spoke about the impending Penguin update and warned of more significant “jolts” to come.

Categories SEO | Link Building | Google Algorithm | Penguin Update

91% of UK Searches Conducted on Google

Kira - 10 Aug 2012

In July 2012, 91% of UK searches were conducted on Google according to the latest research from Experian Hitwise.v

Categories Industry News | Google | Digital Marketing | Search Trends

Google’s Glimpse into Search Engine of the Future

Kira - 09 Aug 2012

Google announced yesterday it is taking “baby steps” in its attempt to build a more intelligent search engine for the future.

Categories Industry News | Google | Google Algorithm

Financial Services Fail to See Benefits of Social Media

Kira - 07 Aug 2012

The financial services sector appears to be rejecting investment in social media marketing.

Categories Media | Social Media | Google | Digital Marketing

SEOmoz Launches MozCast Google Weather Report

Kira - 02 Aug 2012

Webmasters can now track daily ranking fluctuations as a result of Google’s algorithm with the help of MozCast.

Categories SEO | Industry News | Google Analytics | Google Algorithm

Google Plays Down Link Warnings: Should You Be Worried?

Kira - 23 Jul 2012

After sending countless webmasters into a panic last Friday with a barrage of unnatural link warnings, Google’s very own Matt Cutts is insisting “it’s not necessarily something that you automatically need to worry about.”

Categories SEO | Google | Link Building | Link Warnings

Penguin Update Causes Rise in PPC Advertising

Kira - 20 Jul 2012

Pay per click advertising has increased by 42% according to the latest findings by Google.

Categories SEO | Google | Link Building | Pay Per Click

Google Retires Old Analytics Reporting

Kira - 19 Jul 2012

Google Analytics v4 is no more following the removal of the old version link this week.

Categories SEO | Industry News | Social Media | Google | Mobile SEO | Google Analytics

Google: 61% of Mobile Searches End in a Phone Call

Kira - 10 Jul 2012

According to the latest research by Google, 61% of mobile searches end in a phone call, making mobile sites increasingly important

Categories SEO | Industry News | Search Local | Google | Mobile SEO

Ask and Ye Shall Receive - Bing Release Link Disavow Tool

Kira - 29 Jun 2012

Bing beat Google in creating the Link Disavow tool that the online world has been requesting

Categories SEO | Google | Bing

Penguins & Pandas: The Black and White World of SEO

Kira - 08 May 2012

The latest news on everyone's lips in the online world is the Penguin Update. We break down what it is and how you can recover if it's affected you

Categories SEO | Industry News

Facebook Buys Instagram – Have We Hit The Next Dot Com Bubble?

Kira - 11 Apr 2012

Last week, the owners of Instagram had a company which had been running for less than 2 years, with 13 employees which was making little to no money. Today, they have a company which has been valued at around $1 billion dollars and are multi millionaires.

Categories Industry News

Google Announces 40 Algorithm Updates: Panda, Links & Local Results

Kira - 02 Mar 2012

Google recently announced 40 changes to its algorithm, the biggest monthly overhaul we’ve ever seen. We're you affected?

Categories SEO | Industry News

Upcoming EU Cookie Law to Upset Most Websites

Kira - 14 Feb 2012

On May 26th, all websites will be required to comply with a new law regarding cookies. Here's what you need to know.

Categories Industry News | Ecommerce

Ingenuity Digital Opens Office in the Heart of London

Kira - 07 Jan 2012

It’s a new year and exciting times at Ingenuity Digital as we opened our doors to our new home at the heart of the City of London.

Categories Company News

Google Welcomes Domains Back into Its Index

Kira - 29 Dec 2011

Half way through 2011, Google delisted all domains from its index due to its susceptibility to spam, but they now seem to have returned.

Categories Industry News

Yahoo Site Explorer Retires, But Who Will Take Its Place?

Kira - 25 Nov 2011

For SEO consultants around the world, 21st of November was a sad day. Yahoo finally lay to rest their Site Explorer tool which has powered SEO campaigns in all corners of the globe for many years.

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