30/10/17 // Written by Emma Phillips

How to Create Good Content

Writer’s block? Here are our tips for planning and creating amazing content for your website!


One of the first elements of your site that a visitor will see is its headings, so these need to be well thought out and captivating. This means considering what your article/post is about and summing each section up with a snappy, concise mini title. Website visitors are prone to scanning a text for key information before they fully commit to reading it, so in many ways headings are just as important as the text underneath them.

Be sure to read through your content once it has been created and analyse how well it works in conjunction with the headings.


One of the most important elements of creating great content is ensuring that it is as original as possible. The aim of content should always be to entice readers and engage them, whilst also being able to promote your message/service/product. Relatability is key here, which means you need to think about the different types of people who might be visiting your site and tailor your content based on this.

This will involve coming up with fresh ideas on a daily basis, as well as ensuring that all content is of the utmost quality.

Quality (Keep it Concise)

It has been suggested that attention spans are not what they used to be, so it makes sense for your content to be as short and accurate as possible. It is best to adopt a mindset of ‘quality over quantity’, as shorter posts which are well written are more likely to be read than a book’s worth of waffle. As such, you should objectively analyse your content and remove as many unnecessary words as possible.

Having a quality content marketing strategy is very useful in helping to spread your content and drive traffic towards your site and boost overall awareness of your brand. However, it is the content that keeps a visitor interested, so the two go hand in hand and neither should be ignored.

Using these three simple tips should go a long way in helping you to create the best content for your website, and ensure that those who are reading it are genuinely interested. After all, greater interest in your content means greater interest in your website and whatever it may be promoting.

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